An Overview of Dental X Rays

X rays, also known as radiographs, are devices that allow dentists to get a thorough view of your teeth as well as other structures in your mouth in order to evaluate the health of your oral tissues. Images are produced that your dentist uses to see cavities, decay in teeth, impacted teeth, and other dental problems. In short, without x rays your dentist would be making educated guesses about your oral health.

However, not many people know much about x rays and many believe that they are complicated or even dangerous. This is not the case, as x rays have gotten safer over the years and the process of getting one done is simple.

How often do dentists perform x rays?

Your dentist will perform a dental x ray fort worth when it is required, which for most people will only be about once or twice a year. However, there are risk factors that may increase the amount of x rays you receive when visiting the dentist throughout the year, including:

·    Age

·    Oral health status

dental x ray fort worth

·    Symptoms

·    History of decay or gingivitis

If you are a new patient at a dentist’s office, you will likely need to get an x ray done so that the dentist knows what to expect when recommending treatment and so that they have a good idea of your oral health. This is especially important if your previous dentist has not provided your new dentist with previous x rays or a history of your dental work.

Dental x rays are simple and you may or may not have one performed when visiting the dentist for an appointment. Individual factors affect the likelihood of getting an x ray, including whether or not you have seen the dentist in the past or if you have any oral issues.

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